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Venice Green

FUD Fattoria Urbana Diffusa
Venice Project Center


Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts


Fabio Carrera

Peter Hansen


Nathan Drewniak,

Gabriel Entov,

Kinsey McNamara,

Chenggu Wang

Green spaces in Venice have potential for reutilization but their location and attributes
are not well known. Local volunteer groups, particularly on the island of Giudecca, would like to reuse green spaces creatively. Separatedfrom the rest of the historic city of Venice by a wide channel, the islands of Giudecca had many agricultural uses until the nineteenth century, when the industrial revolution replaced some of these green spaces with factories and boat yards. In the last fifty years, many of these formerly agricultural or industrial spaces have been abandoned and the land is now underutilized.
The goal of our project was to assist Fattoria Urbana Diffusa (FUD) to inventory green spaces on Giudecca and develop proposals for reutilization that optimize the land’s potential.

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